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Glass Axis offers custom glass art commissions and very limited glass art repair services. Our experienced artists and restoration specialists will consult with you to determine what would required for your item.  Each individual situation is different, so please fill out the form below to tell us a little more about your needs.

Custom commissions require a 2 hour minimum, and most will require and additional hour minimum of coldworking. A 50% deposit is required for work to begin. These cost estimates include the use of studio color. If you require/request colors not in stock, we can order them for you at an additional cost.

Typical custom pricing is:

  • Blown: $125/hour, $75/hour if a part of our existing product line

  • Stained: $60/hour

  • Cutting, polishing, gluing: $60/hour

  • Casting: $125/hour

  • Fusing: $60/hour

  • Torchworking: $80/hour


Commission Interest
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