In order to rent equipment at Glass Axis, you must:

General Membership & Eligibility

  • Be a current member: pay yearly membership fee and any previous balance due.

  • Be approved by staff to use each studio you are renting from.

  • Sign a waiver annually.  All members and their assistants must have a waiver on file.

  • Use appropriate safety glasses, gloves, hoods, etc., at all times.

  • Pick up all personal work within one week of rental time. Work left on shelves longer than that may be moved to storage, at the expense of the maker. $25 handling fee plus $10/ month storage.  Although we do our best to handle your work carefully, Glass Axis is NOT responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged works.

  • Glass Axis does not ship work, unless prepaid shipping costs and a handling fee of $20 minimum have been pre-arranged.

  • Glass Axis does not loan studio tools or equipment.  No tools or equipment are to leave the studio, no exceptions.

  • If you experience any problems with equipment, notify staff within 24 hours. Issues not addressed timely will not be valid disputes in regards to billing.

  • Those who keep others from using a tool will pay for the entire time that the tool is occupied, whether they are actively using it or not.

  • If you schedule rental time and decide not to use it, you must cancel no later than 24 hours in advance of scheduled time that you will not be using. If you do not call 24 hours ahead of time, you will be charged a $25 no show fee.  If you are scheduled and don’t call and don’t show, that is time someone else cannot sign up for.

  • We suggest that you prepay for your account.  No one is permitted to work with an outstanding balance of $500 or more.  We now accept online credit card payments when you reserve your time. Your access card will be turned off if your account becomes 60 days past due or your balance exceeds $500.  Prepaying will avoid the hassle of having to pay each and every blow slot.

  • Do not use the studio when closed (between 12:00 and 6:00 am daily). The building alarms are enabled during these hours and they will go off if you are in the building. Member will be responsible for police fines billed to Glass Axis for setting off alarm.

  • Follow shop etiquette:

    • No excessive noise or distractions. Music is okay, but be considerate of others.

    • Do not go over your time if someone is signed up after you.

    • Follow the clean up policy that is posted in each area. Members may be charged clean up fee of up to $25 per rental time.

    • NO SMOKING in the building. Take it outside and dispose of your butts properly.

    • Return all equipment to its assigned position.

    • Do not interfere with someone else’s equipment/ set up.

    • Use the time you reserved:  Do not sign up for 4 hours and only use 45 minutes.  You will be charged a usage fee.

    • No drug or alcohol use in the studio at any time, no exceptions.  No manufacturing of drug paraphernalia within Glass Axis’ facilities, no exceptions.

    • Glass Axis reserves the right to ban disruptive or dangerous pets.

    • Do not enter the staff offices, gallery or gift shop when there are are no staff office personnel around.

    • Clean up after yourself and leave the shop better than it was when you started.

Public Shelf Rentals

  • Available at $10/month.

  • Glass Axis is not responsible for any theft or damage of items left on We have video cameras on the area and will do our best to ensure nothing is stolen.

Hot Shop Policies

  • Have taken Glass I and Glass II classes in order to rent Hot shop time (or be approved by the staff)

  • No fuming or similar techniques.

  • Ladle casting outside of casting class requires special approval and certification. Ladle casting prices start at $50 per day per kiln and $2 per pound of glass.

  • Guests (especially children) must sit on the bleachers and stay off the blowing pad.  Any visiting artist or other guest on the pad must have a signed waiver on file.

  • Do not adjust the furnace or glory holes for any reason without getting technical help. Adjusting the equipment will result in $30 fee if next user has problems with equipment. Do not leave the furnace door open.

  • Schedule your rental time at least 48 hours in advance on the website or with Glass Axis office staff.  Advance scheduling is necessary in order to provide sufficient glass, of the highest possible quality, to all members.  To keep rates affordable, the studio must match the frequency and cost of glass and charging with the hours that the studio is booked.  At the discretion of management, “walk-in” usage of otherwise unused, or unscheduled time may be arranged.  However, scheduling within the 48 hour window may result in late sign-up fees.

  • Swipe your card to start AND stop the glory hole.  Usage times are automatically logged. H1 45 min warm up, H2 30 min warm up, H3 1.5 hour warm up, and H4 1 hour warm up times. Warm up time will be adjusted for renters directly or shortly after one another.

  • There is a 2-hour minimum for glory hole usage, unless your scheduled time is immediately before or after another user.  For example, if someone finished at 1 and you start at 1, then it is okay that you only work for one hour.

  • If you take a break during the time you are renting a glory hole, you are responsible for paying for that time.  A warm up time is included at no charge, however, if a glory hole is lit and left unused for a longer period, you will be charged for that time.

  • Glory holes are rented by the hour, regardless of whether you are using glass or not.  If you do not need a glory hole, you must still rent time in the shop in which you will be charged the cheapest glory hole rate per hour. Any use of Hot Shop or glass requires rental time regardless of equipment used.

  • Annealer space is allotted based on how many hours you rent the glory hole:

    • 2-hour slot: 1/3 of an annealer

    • 3-hour slot: 1/2 an annealer

    • If you need more annealer space, notify the Glass Axis staff in advance of using that particular blow slot, and you will be charged for extra annealer space. Charge will be based on amount of additional space you request. One half of an annealer is $25.

    • The last person to use the hot shop is responsible for turning down the annealers, check to see if there is anyone renting after your reservation. No not leave a kiln up overnight unless directed to by staff.

  • If it appears that you have used over 10lbs of glass per rental hour, the staff will weigh the annealed glass and you will be charged $2 per pound over the limit.

  • O2 rental available at $10/hr. Hours count as amount of time set up at your bench, regardless of use. Log hours on provided clipboard and log sheet. Artist provides propane.

Cold Shop Policies

  • Have completed cold shop “equipment check out” with Glass Axis instructor or management in order to use equipment.

  • $18/hr in 15-minute increments or unlimited usage at $65/month or $135/quarter or $420/year.

  • Glass Axis recommends the use of eye, hearing, and respiratory protection in the cold shop.

  • Improper use or handling of equipment will result in member being charged replacement or repair costs. This includes leaving water running on wheels, double stacking magnetic wheels on the walls, failure to use water and damaging diamond coating, leaving belt tight on the belt sander, etc.

  • Cerium is available for purchase at 20 cents/ gram in the office.

  • Personal work left in the cold shop will be moved to storage at member’s expense. $25 handling plus $10/month.

  • Swipe your card to turn equipment on and off. Usage times are automatically logged.

Kiln Policies

  • There is no charge to use open tables in the warm shop, when classes are not in session.

  • Kiln rental is $2/hr, minimum 12 hours. From loading to unloading time.

  • Log hours on provided log sheet and clipboard.

  • Glass cutters are available for general use.

  • To use Kilns unsupervised, members must have taken Kiln 1 or have equivalent training. Members may have staff program and fire their kiln for an additional $25/firing.

  • Members supply all their own glass

Torch Policies

  • $10/hr includes torch, tools, and annealing. In stock glass may be purchased from Axis at an additional charge.  This includes the mini hand-held torches or minor torches.

  • $15/hr includes torch, tools, and annealing. In stock glass may be purchased from Axis at additional charge.  This includes the Nortel Red Max boro torches.

  • Please reserve torches online so they can be connected and ready for your reservation.

  • Member may bring his or her own bead torch and/or annealer for $8 per hour.

  • Member may set up borosilicate equipment for $25 per hour.

  • May rent torches during staffed hours after Torch 1

  • Log hours on provided log sheet and clip-board.

  • May rent torches at any time after Torch 2, except when the studio is closed (between 12:00 and 6:00 am daily).

Stained Glass Policies

  • $12/hr includes glass, soldering iron, copper foiling. EXCLUDES Solder.

  • May rent space during Stained 1 during staffed hours.

  • Log hours on provided log sheet and clip-board.

  • May rent unsupervised after Stained 1, except when the studio is closed (between 12:00 and 6:00 am daily).

Neon Rental Policies.

  • $17/hr. Includes tubing, torches and usage of vacuum tube tester. Member must provide his or her own electrodes and transformers. Member may not use bombarder.

  • Log hours on provided log sheet and clipboard.

  • Must be approved by Facility Manager.

Costs and Fees

Hole 1 and 2: 2 hour minimum$41 per hour (charge includes 45 min warm-up, and 30 min warm up for Hole 2)

Hole 4: 2 hour minimum$47 per hour (charge includes a 1 hour warm-up)

Hole 3: 3 hour minimum$47 per hour (charge includes 1.5 hour warm-up)

Excess Annealer Space:$25 per half an annealer

Leaving Annealer up:$25 per incident

No Reservation:$25 per incident

Leaving Furnace Open:$25 per incident

Late Sign-Up:$15 per incident

O2 Rental:$10 per hour

Excess Glass (>10 lbs. per hour):$2 per pound

Ladle/Kiln Casting$50 per annealer/kiln per day and $2 per pound of glass

Neon Studio:$17 per hour

Torch Studio:$10-15 per hour (effective 7/1/17)

Torch Studio with personal bead torch and/or annealer$8 per hour (effective 7/1/17)

Torch Studio with personal borosilicate equipment$25 per hour (effective 7/1/17)

Cold Shop Studio:$18 per hour, $65 per month,

$135 per quarter, $420 per year

$25 per hour for staff approved non-member

Cerium20 cents per gram – bring your own container

Warm Shop Kiln Rental:$2 per hour, 12 hour minimum

Staff Kiln Firing:$25 per firing

Stained Glass Studio:$12 per hour

No Show Fee:$25

Shipping and Handling:$20 minimum

Storage:$10 per month, plus $25 handling if applicable

Locker Rental:$100 per year for single. $200 per year for double.

Clean-up:$25 minimum

Public Shelf Rentals:$10 per month