Current Exhibition

Intersections Gallery Exhibition at Glass Axis


Join us for Intersections, a glass art exhibition displaying the blown glass works of artist Jim DeLange. Exhibit opens Friday, May 7 and runs through Saturday, June 19.

DeLange will be giving an artist talk about his exhibition and public glassblowing demonstration on Friday, May 14 from 6-8pm for Franklinton Fridays, the gallery hop of the Franklinton Arts District. 

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Jim DeLange lives in Cedarville, OH and works out of Glass Axis, a nonprofit glass art studio in Columbus, OH. All of his pieces are hand blown from liquid glass, taken from a 2,000*F furnace. Each piece is created by adding color and shaped by blowing through the steel pipe to gently move the piece toward the desired shape. Brilliant colors and shapes to draw the viewer's attention to the finished piece that will add a splash of excitement to the space it occupies.

Coming Up 

Akers_James_Rainbow Xenon Tangle

Neon Light Gallery Exhibition 

James Akers 

June 26th - August 6th 

Join us for Media Feedback Loop, a glass art exhibition displaying the neon glass works of New York City based artist James Akers. 

Exhibit opens Saturday, June 26 and runs through Friday, August 6. Join us Saturday June 26 from 6-8pm to meet the artist and hear his artist statement about his exhibition.

James Akers Artist Statement

Consume, Create, Digest 

Media feedback loop

"How are ideas conceived? Is anything really new or original? Are our ideas a product of our past experiences? What does it mean to be an artist committed to truth when the way that people see my work is through manipulative, addictive, ad delivery services? These questions and more swirl through my head as I become increasingly captivated with Surveillance Capitalism, research into social media and how these platforms are changing society.

While I am aware of the tremendous benefits that social networking platforms can have (I have used them myself), I feel there is a need for regulation to bring ethics into big tech where abstracted technical processes and their growth hungry controllers are reshaping the way humans interact.

I’m interested in this idea of a media feedback loop that each user partakes in on social media. We shape the content that we see by what we like and engage with, then the content that we see shapes us. There are third parties that control what we see and they curate the content to us to increase their advertising revenue. How does viral content, popular content, and trends affect “original ideas” or idea conception?

In an age where ideas are rapidly shared among artists and consumers, what value do ideas have? I believe that the artist can be an idea factory!

I make dense, frenetically active, electric mess sculptures that often comment on societal trends or issues. Neon laden and sometimes noisy, my sculptures often create light and sound environments that respond and interact with their surroundings. I make work for those with a 10 second attention span, work that battles thousands of engineers, tech companies and smartphones for your attention."

About The Artist

My name is James Akers, and I am an artist currently based in Brooklyn, New York. Together with my partner Ali Feeney we run Nebula Neon, a custom neon fabrication company that we started together in 2020. We have a cat named “Chirpy” that is known amongst many glass- blowers.
I enjoy traveling and have lived in Frederick Maryland, Alfred New York, Florence Italy, Norfolk Virginia, and Dallas Texas over the past ten years. Seeing different perspectives and how differ- ent people live is important to me as I broaden my own perceptions and question things that appear normal.

In the studio, I create dense, frenetically active sculptures that often incorporate neon and sound circuits. For me, neon provides the eye grabbing glow of a screen in a three dimension- al, shapeable, sculptural, linear glow that it is actively used in advertising. I add various modi- fied consumer electrical circuits to to a sculpture to give that sculpture abilities, making the sculpture able to make noises, or play video, or scan an object, the possibilities go on and on. I received a BFA from Alfred University in 2015 and my work has been shown at places including the Corning Museum of Glass, Color Factory Houston, Peninsula Fine Arts Center in Virginia and Fuji Studios in Italy to name a few.
Artistically, I’m interested in themes of celebration, excess, mess, consumerism, bliss and rebel- lion. I find people doing things the “wrong way” can be exciting and make things more inter- esting. I love messes and marks that result from an action, or a series of actions and I employ the “show your work”philosophy when designing and assembling my work.

Past Exhibitions 

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Screen Shot 2020-08-06 at 1.57.29 PM
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Andy in Diskies
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