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Blown Soft Glass “Pipe”, Sheet Glass, Coldworked, Oil Paint

This Piece is a Play on René Magritte ‘s The Treachery of Images, Featuring a Sherlock Style Pipe, with “This is Not a Pipe” Written in French Underneath It. I Created This Piece as Part of My Graduation Exhibition from The Ohio State University Where at the Time, Pipe Making was Not Considered an Art Form. You Were Either Labeled a “Glass Artist” or a “Pipe Maker”; You Could Not Be Both. If You Even Made Anything Resembling a Pipe, the Administration Smashed It, So I Had to Get Special Permission to Create This Piece. “Je ne fais de pipe” Translates To “I Do Not Make Pipes”, So It Is My Response to the “Glass Art vs Pipe” Mentality, Where to Create the Art Piece I Had to Make a Pipe, But That Saying I Do Not Make Pipes. In This Same Way Magritte’s Painting Depicts a Pipe but Saying That It Is Not a Pipe.




Alexandra Fresch



Pieces may be purchased online or in-store, but will remain on display until March 31st, 2024.Buyers may then pick up during gallery hours or call to have shipping arranged(in order to confirm date of birth)

"Je ne fais pas de pipe" - Alexandra

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