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Andy In Diskies

Andy Hudson

June 12 - August 1, 2020

Glass Axis was incorporated in 1987. In 1990, Andy Hudson, one of three Glass Axis founding members along with Jim Kennedy and Jim Shumate who, with the blessing of Axis founder Richard Harned, began planning the first studio. All four had met while at the OSU glass program. They all committed to work for a year to get from the mobile glass blowing unit to a stand-alone, full capacity glass studio in 18 months. Since 1992 Axis has built two more studios and become the glass art education center for Ohio. It’s been Andy’s privilege and pleasure to be a member, four-time board member, teacher and promoter.
People often ask what Andy’s favorite piece to make is. He always replies, “The next one.” This show is a sampling of the directions this mantra has taken him over the past 33 years.

Virtual Walkthrough

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Andy Hudson's Artist Talk

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