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Glass Axis volunteers are the heartbeat of the organization. With only a few paid positions, volunteers are essential to the mission of Glass Axis. In order to gain dependable help, it is important that our volunteer program be simple, fair, and extremely transparent.

Volunteers earn Glass Greenbacks for their time. Glass Greenbacks accrue at the rate of four greenbacks for every hour of volunteer time. Glass Greenbacks may be applied to anything that may be put on a typical Glass Axis statement. For example, facility rentals, classes, membership fees, studio rentals, and purchases are all eligible for application of a Glass Greenback. Each Glass Greenback will be worth a $1 credit to a member account.

Glass Greenbacks may not be exchanged for actual USD currency.

Time must be approved by Glass Axis staff prior to claiming or logging the hours on the timesheet.

Should a volunteer discontinue their relationship with Glass Axis they have up to one year from lapse of volunteering time to claim and use their Glass Greenbacks. It is the responsibility of the volunteer take the initiative to claim their credit within that time period. For active volunteers, there is no expiration for Glass Greenbacks.

Glass Greenbacks are non transferable to other members or volunteers. Volunteers may, however, charge classes for their own family or friends to their own account and pay for classes using Glass Greenbacks.

Regular volunteer Glass Greenbacks are meant to be a gift of appreciation from Glass Axis to its volunteers in an attempt to further the education and artistic endeavors of those actively involved. Glass Greenbacks are not meant to be regular payment currency, and are, thus, not subject to minimum wage requirements.

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