Summer Intensives 2021

Lunch Plan for classes is $12 per day. Menus will be provided on the first day of class

** Please be sure to read our cancellation policy for our summer intensive classes before booking**

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All the Colors of the World: Casting Using Glass Powders 

Sayaka Suzuki
May 17-22

All Levels

The class will explore the traditional art nouveau style of pate de verre, 

a glass casting and mold making process using glass powders and frit.  Students will work like a painter, painting and applying glass powders into a mold which we will cast into a solid glass piece. The results of this pate de verre are unique; from being completely opaque like marble to translucent to transparent with opaque components. The particle 

size of the glass determines the outcome of the castings.


There’s potential in mixing and making your own color palette in glass where you don’t have to rely on glass manufacturers to limit your expression.


Light Lines

James Akers
June 21-26

All Levels

Learn to bend neon tubes! Commercial and artistic bending techniques will be covered as students learn to perfect every 

bend. We will be developing good bending skills and handwriting 

using glass tubes before exploring what sculptural possibilities exist offscreen in today's age of illuminated text on screens. 


Students can choose to stick to the traditional 2D neon or jump off the paper and create three dimensional, glowing objects!  Expect to leave with a new way of thinking about light and the ability to create neon lights in any color or shape.

Where the Wild Things Are

Charlyn Reynolds
July 5-9


In the era of COVID-19, no blowing will be required in this class! This is an intermediate-level solid sculpting class will focuse on color, pattern, and bit work assembly in order to make fantastical creations that you design. Teamwork will be essential, and students should plan to work hard and have fun. 


From beginning to end, each student will learn how to take their drawings/ideas and turn them into glass. Students will learn color application, pattern work, and bit work. Other skills include how to make and assemble parts using torches, and basic coldwork to finish off their artworks. 


Explore Painting on Glass

Debb Cusick

June 7-11

Stained Glass

All Levels

Come explore the possibilities of painting on glass and stained glass panels in this hands-on 5 day clinic. Starting with high fire enamel paint to adding color with frit and broken glass, you will explore the basics of painting techniques on glass. 

You will then learn how to design, cut, & assemble a stained glass window around your painting. At the conclusion of the 5 days, you will leave with a completed window, along with the knowledge of painting on glass!


Handcrafting Metal Settings, Findings and Formfolding

Sigrun Simmons- Rank
(July 29) July 30- August 1

All Levels

The workshop will teach a wide variety of techniques to complement your glass beads and cabochons. It will include making your own findings, cold connections, bead-cups, texturing metal, bezel setting, prong setting, and form folding. You will saw, file, sand, solder, cutting discs, dome discs, and form fold metal. Open to all levels.

Major skills students should expect to take away: 

-Making their own findings (jump rings, ear wires, bead caps, toggle clasp, etc.)

-Learning different settings (bezel setting, simple prong setting, etc.)

-Creating pattern on metal (hammering, etching)

-Introduction to cold connections and form folding

*Optional Add-On Day July 29- Learn to make your own fused glass cabochons and flameworked beads to use in class!