Summer Intensives 2020

Lunch Plan for classes is $12 per day. Menus will be provided on the first day of class

** Please be sure to read our cancellation policy for our summer intensive classes before booking**

Aesop's Fables in Stained Glass Workshop

Joseph Cavalieri
June 29th-July 3rd

This class appeals to students who know the basics of stained glass and want to take it to the next level. We will illustrate a fable while learning many techniques including painting, penning, atomizing (airbrushing) and silk-screening using an existing silk-screen, all using kiln fired enamel paints on stained glass. Each student chooses a fable then with Cavalieris’ guidance sketches a plan for a glass panel about 12 x 16 inches. After the paints are fired onto the glass we will copper foil and solder the glass together. No drawing skills needed, we will be tracing images.

Monster Marbles

Chad Parker 
July 24th-26th

We will go over the fundamentals of working with solid rod in all forms. Compressions, Sculpture, opals, mille encasements along with anything else a student may be interested in seeing

Vision Quest:Finding Form Through Sculpting Glass

Robin & Julia Rogers 
July 27th-31st 

This class covers an array of sculpting techniques from basic to advanced and applies to all levels of experience. Demos each day will range from solid to blown sculpture and a collaborative class project will also be included. 

Students will learn a variety of hot sculpting techniques including hot core, cold core, garage work and assembly, inside sculpting. bit work and color application.

Happily Ever After 

Karina Guevin & Cedric Ginart
August 10th-14th

In this course student's inherent creativity will be stimulated aimed at developing good dexterity and in-depth knowledge of the basic flameworking techniques. 
Using borosilicate rods and glass tubes, students will learn a wide variety of flame working techniques. Demonstrations will cover various unusual techniques of blowing, sculpting and assembling with the ultimate goal of creating visual impact. 
Directed work and personal project will be proposed to help students develop there personal language and realize their ideas.