glassblowing trans.png

Glory Hole and And Annealers

A place of constant activity and high heat, the hot shop is where the process of “glassblowing” occurs. Here, molten glass is manipulated and annealed (cooled slowly) after it is finished.

Our shop is equipped with two glass furnaces each  stocked with over 700lbs of Spectrum Premium Nuggets, four glory holes, five annealers, pick up kilns, and a variety of hand tools.

All rental includes warm-up time, glory hole, furnace with glass, hand tools, pipes, and annealer. 

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Torch and Neon

Perfect for detailed work such as beadmaking, our Torchworking Studio has six configurable workstations equipped with torches, hand tools, and gas.

Our Neon Studio has five workstations complete with a variety of free standing and hand held torches for the tube bending process. Plus bombarding equipment for both neon and argon gas.

Kiln trans.png


Four kilns and various hand tools for casting, fusing, slumping, and enameling. 

Cold shop and Stained Glass

Our cold shop comes equipped with a 24” lapidary wheel with diamond pads, 2 belt sanders with silicon carbide and cork belts, a carving lathe with radiused diamond wheels,  water-fed saw with a diamond blade, drill press, and sandblaster.  

All rentals include entire cold shop.

Our Stained and Mosaic Glass Lab is equipped with a ring saw, bench grinders, light tables, soldering irons, and hand tools. Consider taking a class to construct you own composition!