Custom Built Glass Blowing Annealer (Kiln). 2 door top loaded.
As Is.
Max Temp 1000 degrees
Interior- 43"w x 23"t x 30"d
Comes with two micro switches no relay.
Designed for 3ph but could be modified to 1 ph. Lids are in good shape. inside is a little rough and I have no idea what state the elements are in, but an ohm test proved they are not broken. I would count on probably replacing them at some point. However, this baby could be revived with some TLC, possibly some elements, and a control box. Still plenty of life left.

Look for additional posts for other surplus related to kiln controllers and parts. 
Cash, Charge, or Certified Check.

Item is Located at:
The Glass Axis 
610 W. Town St.
Columbus, Ohio 43215

Glass Blowing Top Loading Annealer (kiln)