Glass Axis always needs stuff. Maybe you have a soft spot for kiln work, and want to help with that. If you would rather donate objects than money, we’d be happy to point you towards the stuff we need.

We teach a lot of people how to blow glass, fuse glass, and do stained glass in our facility.  People also come just to see what we’re about and visit the gift shop and gallery, and we rent equipment and space to a bunch of very talented artists.  This means lots of people coming and going in our building, which is awesome!  But a lot of people = a need for spiffy, well-stocked restroom facilities.  By our calculations, we use 12,000 linear yards of toilet paper every month.  Folks, that’s enough TP to go all the way to the spire of the Empire State Building and all the way back down again almost 25 times!   Help us make sure we’re ready for the crowds by donating toilet paper for rolls that fit perfectly into our state-of-the-art TP dispensers (standard size).

We love, love, LOVE our building.  It’s old, and it’s not perfect, but we love it.  We love it more when it’s clean.  We are particularly fond of the following cleaning supplies and appreciate any donations toward our clean quest:

  • Glass Cleaner, seriously, we have some glass to clean.

  • Simple Green All Purpose Cleaner or similar

  • Mops:  String or sponge

  • Garage brooms (wide)

  • Standard Brooms

  • Mop Bucket

  • Paper Towels

  • And of course, toilet paper.


COLOR! This is probably everybody’s favorite part of class: picking out the colors. If you want to see more choices at your next class, order some color and have it shipped to Glass Axis. One kilo makes about 35 ornaments. Order size F2. We use 96 COE in the hot shop. Reichenbach and Gaffer are compatible.


We can’t make anything if we don’t have a way to hold onto the glass! These tools are the backbone of glass art. Standard size is about 1”- 1⅛” pipe head. But larger and smaller ones come in handy for changing things up.



Other tools like Jacks, Blocks, Paddles, etc.  Give us a call to see what our current needs are for tools.



Moretti (COE 104)


Bead Release


Kiln Working

Colored or clear Bulleye sheet glass 90 COE Fusable :

Support local business. Buy in town at Franklin Art Glass

Jewelry findings for pendants and earrings.

Oil glass cutters

Molds for slumping in fused glass


The Really Big Stuff

We also need non-expendable equipment and items, while these items are more expensive, they are still critical to the successful accomplishment of our mission.  These are the items that are currently on our big ticket wish list.  If you are interested in donating towards any of these items, let us know and we can discuss the details.

  • Double Stack Front Loading Annealer

  • Lap Wheel

  • Lathe

  • Kiln for Borosilicate Flameworking

  • Torches for Borosilicate Flameworking

The best way to donate is to bring the items to our location at 610 W. Town St., Columbus OH 43215.  That way you can visit the awesome space and appreciate where your donation is being used.  Some of the items on the above list can be ordered and shipped directly to Glass Axis at the address just mentioned.  Let us know when you do that so we will be expecting them and so you can receive the recognition you will richly deserve.