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Glass Sculpting for Everyone

Lunch Plan for classes is $12 per day. Menus will be provided on the first day of class

** Please be sure to read our cancellation policy for our summer intensive classes before booking**
***Active Glass Axis members get a 5% discount on all summer intensive classes.***

Please contact if a payment plan is needed or if you need the member discount code.

Rob Stern
Friday, February 17 - Sunday, February 19
9:00am - 5:00pm Each Day

Glassblowing - Intermediate (Must have at least 2 years glassblowing experience or completed Hot 1 & Hot 2 at Glass Axis)

This intensive workshop will give you a basic knowledge of hot glass sculpting techniques but also offer advanced ones on a need to know basis. Short demos will acquaint you with what you need to know to make what you wish. Discussions about resources, glassmaking culture, community, and opportunities will inform you of the bigger picture and how to approach the market with your work. In addition to hot sculpting knowledge, students will take away knowledge of: bubble theory, solid glass theory, punty theory, annealing theory, resource inspiration, drawing advice, photography concerns, marketing knowledge.

Rob Stern's Bio

     My aesthetic resides at the crossroads where humans and nature intersect. Between organic and angular, a space, which connects the temporary man-made to the pre-existing and eternal cosmos. Here we begin to measure our perspective and contemplate the perception of our place in the world as it is one that is always changing with the evolution of space, light, and time. I venture to capture moments with materials that speak to a fleeting sensibility of the permanence or importance of this balancing act. Color and form dictate emotion and humanity is transcended as we reflect in the inherent rhythm and fractal patterning in this natural world. My constant observation of details persuades my attention to nuances in an attempt to mimic the complexity of its simplicity. My creative endeavors and sculptures are mere stepping stones towards my search for understanding life. Harmonic instances between what I sense and do are the signals which guide me through my processes and prompt daily decisions. My works act as a communicative device which seek to connect my thoughts and my actions to the collective human consciousness. A path seeking insight and enlightenment which carries me forwards and always seems to bring me back to the glass.


Glass Demo with Rob Stern at Glassquerade


Join us Saturday, February 18 for our annual Glassquerade, Mardi Gras Party! Rob Stern will be doing a glassblowing demo at the event! 

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